/Answers: Our Most Profoundly Disappointing Movie Experiences

/Answers: Our Most Profoundly Disappointing Movie Experiences
From Slashfilm - February 9, 2018

Every week in/Answers, we answera new pop culture-related question. In this weeks edition, tying in with the general reaction to The Cloverfield Paradox, we ask What is the most profoundly disappointing movie you have ever seen?

Jacob Hall: Men in Black II

Everyone remembers the first time they realized a movie could be bad, usually because its accompanied by some sense of heartbreak. For years, young me thought there were two kinds of movies: movies I loved and then everything else. I didnt realize that a movie could hurt, that it could disappoint, that it could make you feel mental and emotional pain. Until Men in Black II.

Released in 2002 when I was 14 years old, Men in Black II wasthemovie to beat that year. I had seen the first one four times in theaters. I had watched the VHS tape until it was worn out. I could practically quote the entire movie from beginning to end. In retrospect, its weird that I wasthatobsessed with Men in Black (although it is a very fun and very funny movie), but it had everything I wanted in a film. Aliens, gun battles, wacky comedy, astonishing special effects, etc. It was the whole package.

I vividly remember showing up to the theater to see Men in Black II and having to buy tickets for a later showing because so many were already sold out. I vividly remember taking my seat with my family. I vividly remember beingpumpedwhen the film began. And then, I vividly remember thinking things were off to a rough start. That it wasnt as funny. That it wasnt as exciting. That itdidnt feel right. The first Men in Black was a comedy, yes, but its world felt realized and lived-in. It felt like a movie with stakes. Its sequel didnt feel right. It feltempty. Lame. Dull. Stupid. Cheap. Lazy. I remember trying to justify it to myself in the theater. I remember getting angry. And then I remember getting sad.

In a weird way, Men in Black II is one of the most important movies ever made for me. It taught me that movies can disappoint. It began my journey to discover why a movie can be bad. It made me consider the medium of film in a way I never had before. Thanks, Men in Black II. You suck. Truly and wholly. But thank you.

Chris Evangelista: The Cloverfield Paradox

I so very excited for The Cloverfield Paradox. Even before I knew what the dang title was (rumor had it as Cloverfield Station), I was all-aboard the Cloverfield hype train. The first Cloverfield is an excellent film, filled with existential dread. Its about the casual, mindless destruction of everything you know and love, and I still find myself haunted by its bleak-as-fuck ending.

Hoai-Tran Bui: The Last Airbender

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