Black Panther Is Trillions Richer Than Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark. Here's How We Know

From TIME - February 15, 2018

When Black Panther debuts this Friday, audiences will get an introduction to one of Marvels coolest superheroes. But while the film will undoubtedly show off the TChallas super powersacute senses, super strength, all-around bad-guy pounding skillsits unlikely to dwell on his other special ability: being very, very rich.

In fact, theres a case to be made that Black Panther is the richest super hero of all time. That may come as a surprise considering Bruce Wayne and Tony Starks entire brand is built around being one-percenters. But while Wayne and Stark may be titans of industry, TChalla is the king of an entire country. And not just any country. The Black Panthers home of state of Wakanda, located in East Africa, is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the Marvel Universe. As Wakandas leader, TChalla is effectively in control of his homelands resources.

Those resources are very valuable. Beyond groundbreaking tech, Wakanda is home to massive reserves of Vibraniumthe ultra-rare sound-absorbing metal that Captain Americas shield is made of. The materials almost mystical properties make it extremely pricey. Pure Vibranium retails for about $10,000 per gram (Fantastic Four #607), and Wakandas vaults hold 10,000 tons of the stuff (Doomwar #1). That comes out to $90.7 trillion dollars worth of Vibranium. Tony Stark may have some fancy cars and a nice house, but TChallas mineral wealth alone is worth more than the GDP of the entire (real) world.


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