A Mysterious Puzzle Game Will Give A Bitcoin To The First Person To Beat It

From Uproxx - February 19, 2018

On February 20th, MonteCrypto: The Bitcoin Enigma will launch on Steam for $2, but its price point is more of an entry fee than the cost of the game. Unlike a traditional release on the PC gaming storefront, MonteCrypto is a modern-day mystery box, and the first person (or group of people) that solve all 24 puzzles will be rewarded a single Bitcoin. Thats an $11,000 prize as of this writing, and much more mysterious than an ancient artifact or something silly like that.

Its a novel concept for a puzzle game, and one that feels like an event rather than just another release into the ether by a studio. Users will be hustling to work together, throw others off the path with red herrings, or possibly go at it alone to inch through the spooky home that holds the treasure er, Bitcoin at the end? Heres what the FAQ says happens at the end of the hunt:

How can I access the Bitcoin?

You need to recover the wallet.dat file that is located in your games files.

(Via IGN)


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