Soderbergh's thriller shot on iPhone premieres in Berlin

From Reuters - February 21, 2018

BERLIN (Reuters) - Director Steven Soderbergh said on Wednesday he so enjoyed making his psychological thriller Unsane on an iPhone, he would find it hard to go back to conventional filmmaking.

Unsane, which premieres at the Berlin film festival, was shot over just two weeks - way shorter than the months a movie usually takes.

It tells the story of Sawyer Valentini, who moves to a new city to escape her stalker David but finds herself admitted to a mental health institution where he works.

Sawyer, played by Claire Foy, is convinced she has been wrongly admitted to the facility but no one believes her so she is trapped there and subjected to torments from David, who gives her pills that make her lash out and imprisons her in a padded cell where he declares his love for her.

Soderbergh said the overall experience of making a film on an iPhone was good, although there were some drawbacks such as the phone being very sensitive to vibrations.

I have to say the positives for me really were significant and its going to be tricky to go back to a more conventional way of shooting, he said.


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