Inuk Greenlandic actress plays lead female in new AMC horror show about Franklin's expedition

Inuk Greenlandic actress plays lead female in new AMC horror show about Franklin's expedition
From CBC - February 24, 2018

Missing for 170years now, the bodies of the 129 crew members of Sir John Franklin's Northwest Passage expedition likely litter King William Island, Nunavut.

The remains that have been found show signs that in their last moments, those men ate each other.

If these are the facts of the real-life Arctic mystery, perhaps it's not surprising thatthe story is getting a fictional horror treatment in an upcoming television series.

The Terrorpremierson AMCon March 26.

Named for one of Franklin's two ships, HMS Terror, the show blends facts with Inuit legend and is based on the novel of the same name by Dan Simmons.

Commitment to accuracy

Nive Nielsenis the lead actress. She's an Inukwoman born in Nuuk, Greenland.

She says she grew up hearing through Inuit oral tradition where the ships went down and what happened to the men, but before starring in the show, she said she'd never heard the English account.

"I was kinda surprised how it was perceived in England," she said. "I did not know the English part of it, so it was interesting that Franklin was a wealthy man out on an adventure and a prestigious expedition and then how horribly it ended."

Nielsen studied some anthropology, which, she says, helped her have meaningful conversations with people on the television set about what life would have been likein the Arctic during that time.

When considering the role of Lady Silence, she said she appreciated the show's commitment to research and accuracy.

"There is not a lot of roles for Inuit people," she said."I thought it was nice, that they were actually combing throughout the Arctic to find a real Inuk actress, it's nice that they are trying to stay true to the culture because a lot of the times, you see movies and they just put on people from other cultures to play our parts and it's not very accurate."

Nielsen is better known for her music, with Nive and the Deer Children, but acted in The New World in 2005.

Getting the role

"I was home coincidentally, which I am not very often, I am mostly out on tour, and it was on the radio news that they were searching for anInuit actress for this, but I was super tired," she said.

Then she was tagged in a Facebook post advertising the role by a friend and she thought maybe it would be fun to audition.

By the time she got a call-back, she was already back on tour with her band across Europe, so she continued to audition over Facetime and Skype, eventually they called her to Budapest, Hungary, for a final screen test.

Using the right dialect

'Crying and screaming for 9 hours is very tiring'


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