Oh Sees: Literally making jailhouse rock

From BBC - March 1, 2018

You may have heard psych-rock band Oh Sees in indie bars - but now their maverick frontman John Dwyer wants people behind bars to hear their music too.

Dwyer's own independent label Castle Face Records will now, on request, send their records directly to prison inmates for them to enjoy while they serve their time.

"I do not know how it is in the UK but in the States we have a lot of people in prison for a lot of stupid reasons," he explains down the line from the band's LA headquarters.

"There are lots of people in prison who deserve be doing time and rehabilitation.

"But we have a lot of people in jail for drug offences and I would never consider them to be bad people. A friend of ours got six months jail-time for not paying a fine for graffiti.

"Obviously, I ca not judge people if I am not aware of who they are or what they have done, but it's just something nice you can do for someone who is in a crappy circumstance."

Castle Face for the Incarcerated allows people to select a record from the label's repertoire and send it to a friend or loved one in prison for free.

They do all they can to deliver the records to the desired inmate but John acknowledges some will never make it, due to differing prison rules.

"I do not know what the thought process is behind not letting them have these items - maybe they are seen as contraband - but we still stand by it.

"I am not going to sneak it into them in a cake, by any means! But if somebody wants to listen to music we will send it to them for free if they can find us a way to get it to them.


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