Frances McDormand Calls on All Female Nominees to Stand With Her During Oscars Speech

From TIME - March 4, 2018

Frances McDormand won Best Actress at the 90th Annual Academy Awards.

The actress gave an emotional speech before asking every female nominee in the audience across all categories to stand. McDormand then gave an impassioned plea for Hollywood to tell more female stories.

So Im hyperventilating a little bit so if I fall over pick me up cause I got some things to say, McDormand joked at the beginning. I think this is what Chloe Kim must have felt like after she did back to back 1080s.

McDormand continued, We all have stories to tell. Invite us into your offices and well tell you all about them.

She ended her speech with two words: inclusion rider. According to Dr. Philip Goff, President of The Center for Policing Equity, an inclusion rider is a clause in an actors contract that requires the cast and crew be diverse in order to retain the actor.

Host Jimmy Kimmel joked after, I hope she wins an Emmy for that speech because that was unbelievable.


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