The Bachelor Recap: Did Arie Choose Lauren or Becca?

The Bachelor Recap: Did Arie Choose Lauren or Becca?
From TIME - March 5, 2018

Are you ready for the most dramatic finale of The Bachelor ever? Aries journey to find love is coming to a dramatic end, but drama is what you get when you tell two women that you love them. Still, Chris Harrison keeps promising that this finale will be unlike anything we have ever seenand then brings up Jason Mesnick who chose one woman and then immediately tossed her over for the runner-up. Chris Harrison swears that Arie is about to become the most controversial Bachelor in history, but it was all done * cue up the U2 * in the name of love.

Before the fun really begins, Arie welcomes his family to Peru. He tells his dad that Becca is funny and goofy and sexy, which Arie loves. With Lauren there is more of a risk, because she has said about 17 words over the last eight weeks and has been engaged twice already. Still, Arie loves them both, in different ways. His dad just rolls his eyes, which is the correct response.

Heres what happened on the most dramatic finale of The Bachelor ever (kind of):

Lauren Meets the Parents

When Arie reunites with Lauren in Cuzco, Peru, he hopes she can relax and be herself, which frankly is a pretty low bar. Lauren tells Aries dad that shes been engaged before and is worried that this relationship will crumble, too. Aries dad isnt sure what to say about that. Elsewhere, Aries family asks Arie if he and Lauren stay up all night talking and Arie smiles mysteriously, but doesnt answer, because he doesnt want to admit that Lauren does not talk. Arie tells his family that he loves making Lauren feel safe and says something about while how Lauren doesnt talk much, he swears she has flashes of an actual personality.

Becca Meets the Parents

The family thinks Lauren is a good choice, but they promise to try and keep an open mind about Becca. So, they spend the entire afternoon comparing Becca to Lauren and asking Becca about Lauren and grilling Becca about her feelings about Lauren and Becca has no choice but to smile politely while plotting the best way to exact revenge on her possible in-laws. By the end of the afternoon, Aries dad tells Becca that he doesnt really care who Arie chooses, which almost makes Becca crack. Becca rolls her eyes and says, Lauren and I are so different, its like trying to compare an apple to a starfish.

After meeting both women, Arie polls his family. Everyone agrees that Lauren is nice, but they all think that Becca is a better fit for him. She is an independent person who has an actual personality and uses her words like a big girl. Arie looks flummoxed.

Wonders of the World

Lauren and Arie take a train to Machu Picchu for their final date, but instead of talking about the fact that they are seeing one of the most magical, mystical sites in the world, they talk about how much they like each other. At Machu Picchu, Lauren looks around and says, Cool. Then they go back to making out, which is probably disrespectful to the site. In case anyone missed it, Arie announces again that he loves Lauren. At least he didnt write in on rocks.

Back at the hotel, Arie asks Lauren about their life together and she lists off normal people activities like TV and wine. She interviews that Arie must want to marry her if he asked her about their future.

Llama Drama

Help Line

The Break Up

The Proposal

The Twist

The Dumping


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