Helen Mirren's Oscars Before and After Pictures Prove She's a Queen Among Mortals

From TIME - March 7, 2018

The ever-regal Helen Mirren has been called on many times to play the role of a royal. But after the 90th Annual Oscars this year, Mirren proved shes a real-life queen in another way: she shared candid selfies of her before and after her Oscars night transformation into a red carpet glamazon, giving fans a peek into her natural stateand proving that self-confidence is the most important part of any look.

Fans are giving her props on social media, commenting with their love of her willingness to be open and honest about the process of aging and give a peek behind the curtain into what its really like to experience the magic of a professional makeup artist. (Actually, as she notes in the after photo, it really takes a whole team.)


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