Jeremy Clarkson to host revamped Millionaire

From BBC - March 9, 2018

Jeremy Clarkson will be grilling contestants as the new host of ITV quiz show Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

It's returning for a week this spring to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The ex-Top Gear presenter is replacing previous host Chris Tarrant, who said in 2014 his days as a game show host were over and that he thought the programme had "run its course".

On Friday, Clarkson said: "I have always loved the show and am thrilled to be involved with its rebirth."

The Grand Tour presenter described himself as a "big fan" of quiz shows, saying: "I am looking forward to hosting this iconic TV show and hopefully making a few millionaires."

The show, which sees contestants asked a series of increasingly difficult questions as they try to win the 1m prize, will run for seven nightly hour-long episodes.

The elusive jackpot can only be won if all 15 questions are answered successfully. A series of lifelines are offered, including asking the audience, asking a friend or taking a 50:50 option.


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