Ken Dodd was 'life-enhancing and brilliant' - tributes paid to the comedian

Ken Dodd was 'life-enhancing and brilliant' - tributes paid to the comedian
From BBC - March 12, 2018

"Farewell to my fellow Liverpudlian, the tattyfilarious Ken Dodd," tweeted Sir Paul McCartney.

His was one of many tributes that have been paid to the legendary comedian, who has died at the age of 90.

Lady Anne, Dodd's partner of 40 years - who he married on Friday - said the world had lost "a most life-enhancing, brilliant, creative comedian".

She said he "lived to perfect his art and entertain" his fans, and "just wanted to make people happy".

Famous fans and friends also lined up to share their thoughts and anecdotes.

David Walliams said that "comedy flowed through him like water".

Actress and presenter Claire Sweeney, who was a support act for Dodd in theatres when she was a teenage singer, told the BBC: "He was such an inspiration. Ken started my career off when I was just 14."

She added: "The most precious thing you can give someone is advice and time. And he spans generations."

The TV personality said Sir Ken recently offered to give advice and help to her three-year-old son.

"He told me: 'If he's got funny bones, send him to me - I will tell him everything he needs to know.'

"At his 90th birthday party in November, his brain was so sharp - it was such a lovely tribute to him. What a send-off in a way!

"He did not need TV to get exposure, he used to fill out stages. He's never been seen as uncool or out of fashion."

Sweeney added that his wife Anne was a huge support to him.

"When I was 14, we were performing at the Villa Marina in the Isle of Man - Anne would take notes of the jokes he'd made at the side of the stage. Behind every successful man is a strong woman.

"She was always there, she's a wonderful lady."

Fellow Liverpudlian comic Tom O'Connor told the BBC: "A great loss to entertainment. I feel sorry for any up-and-coming comedian who will never have a chance of seeing his brilliance at work."

John Bishop, another Liverpool comedian, wrote on Instagram: "True comedy legend. RIP Sir Ken Dodd."

BBC Breakfast presenter Dan Walker was also a big fan, commenting: "Growing up I used to love it when Ken Dodd came on the telly. He was always mad and chaotic but he guaranteed a laugh.

"There were so many strings to his bow. Comedian, ventriloquist and - amazingly - in the 1960s his single Tears was the third highest-selling song in the UK. It was only outsold by two tunes from The Beatles!

"A cameraman friend tells a story about doing an interview with Ken many years ago. At the end, Mr Dodd put something in his top pocket and tapped it saying 'Thanks for that, have a drink on me'. It was a tea bag!"

Great British Bake Off presenter Sandi Toksvig said of Sir Ken: "Best dinner companion I ever sat next to."

'Sir Ken was the funniest and the best'


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