Activist Tarana Burke Adds Her Voice to Haley & Michaels' 'Me Too' Country Anthem

From TIME - March 12, 2018

In the era of #MeToo, musicians are supporting the movement with powerful new anthems. One example: Nashville-based country duo Haley & Michaels, who released a songand now a videoin service of the initiative. Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels have been making moving country records together since 2015. But for their aptly-titled song Me Too, they reached out to movement founder Tarana Burke and asked her to add her own voice to elevate their message. We have to use the power of our collective voices to make a difference, Burke intones in the new video premiering here on TIME, which features the groups friends, family, #MeToo supporters and survivors of sexual assault.

We were deeply impacted and inspired when we first experienced so many people bravely coming forward and saying, Me Too,' Haley & Michaels explain. We wanted to add our voices in the best way we knew howthrough music. The spirit behind our song is healing, unity and empowerment.

Burke says she had been approached by plenty of potential collaborators, and wasnt familiar with Haley & Michaels when they first reached out. But she found their message heartfelt and sensed that they got it. They understand that this is a movement ultimately about healing and about centering survivors, she notes. Im so excited about the potential for survivors around the world to be touched by this song! Its a connector. It reinforces the truthwere not alone. Its a movement.


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