The Room Star Tommy Wiseau's Joker Audition Is Actually Terrifying

From TIME - March 12, 2018

Tommy Wiseau might be best known for creating, directing and starring in accidental cult classic The Room, but this notorious aspiring multi-hyphenate has his sights set on a new, sinister role: The Joker.

Although Joaquin Phoenix is reportedly playing the infamous villain in an upcoming prequel film, Wiseau made his bid to play the Joker with an official audition tape that he created with Nerdist.

In the clip, Wiseau recites notable lines from previous Joker film appearances like Jack Nicholson (Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?) and Heath Ledger (What doesnt kill you makes you stranger and Why so serious?) while attired in a full face of Joker-esque makeup and an outfit fit for Batmans evil nemesis.


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