Landmark World of the Fatimids exhibition opens at Aga Khan Museum

Landmark World of the Fatimids exhibition opens at Aga Khan Museum
From CBC - March 14, 2018

A landmark exhibition exploring the World of theFatimids opened Saturday at the Aga Khan Museum.

Curated by renowned cultural historian Dr.AssadullahSourenMelikian-Chirvani, the exhibition is North America's first to feature a carefully selected collection of masterpieces from the Fatimid dynasty.

Among the objects are monumental marblereliefsfrom the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo, luxury objects ranging from rock crystal and ivory to ceramiclusterware a technique mastered during Fatimid timesand early metal masterpieces.

Droneand 360-degree virtual reality videos bring to life Cairo, theFatimids' flourishing capital, and offer insight into what the city was like a millennium ago.

Melikian-Chirvani, a London-based curator who brought some of the objects on display to Toronto, says he expects people will leave the exhibition in awe.

"A sense of diversity, a sense of very strong juxtapose identities which are juxtapose within the same culture," he toldCBCToronto. "A sense of surprise and pleasure at seeing objects and designs, motifs, which are completely different from anything which they have seen elsewhere."

TheFatimidsestablished one of the most powerful economic, political and cultural metropolis in the Islamic World (Cairo) during the10thto12thcenturies, in direct competition with Constantinople, which is now known asIstanbul,and Baghdadyet little is known of them in the western world.

Exhibition includes dozens of pieces


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