'Canadian Harvey Weinstein,' Arcade Fire, all 'sorry' in SNL sketch

'Canadian Harvey Weinstein,' Arcade Fire, all 'sorry' in SNL sketch
From CBC - March 18, 2018

Members of Montreal rock group Arcade Fire appeared in a Saturday Night Live sketchall squeezing out a Canadian "sorry" as a nod to the #MeToo movement.

They took turns apologizing for briefly working for a fictional movie producer dubbed the "Canadian Harvey Weinstein," in the skit that poked gentle fun at the Canadian talent for apologizing.

SNL host Bill Hader playedThomas Logan, the fictional disgraced Toronto producer who readily confessed on a fake CBC News talk show for Saturday's episode.

"I have heard all these accusations against me and I am here to say it's all true. I definitely abused my power, yeah.

"Yeah, you know, I had this assistant and I was really inappropriate, saying stuff like 'you look nice today,' or 'what kind of sunglasses are those?'You know, really pestering her.

"So, she got ticked and, well, I just went ahead and resigned."

A voiceover then says Logan went even further to make amends:

"Logan, now exposed as a monster by Canadian standards," has taken his name off some of his greatest hits, movies like Y'Do not Say, It Happened at Tim Hortons and Dave; The Dave Thomas Story, starring Dave Foley."

Themea culpas did not stop there. "Even the HR lady was sorry," said Hader's character.Meanwhile, his assistant who complained he was a "bit forward," also resigned, "because I was so sorry at how it all turned out."

Arcade Fire plays SNLfor 5th time

The Montreal band that's set to perform at next week's Juno Awards in Vancouver also took the musical stage on SNL.






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