People think this dog looks like Ivanka Trump, and they're not wrong

From Mashable - March 20, 2018

Today in dogs that look like people: a pup that people seem to thinkfor better or for worseresembles Ivanka Trump.

As Cosmopolitan notes, Twitter user @witchpuppy first tweeted the photo back on March 16. In the days since, the dog in the photowith its long white hair and ears pulled back into a ponytail and its studded collarhas drawn comparisons to Trump.

Sure, there is something similar in their hair styling and eye shape, but that's all there is to the resemblance. Still, once the internet makes a connection like that one, it's tough to un-see it.

Take, for example, the recent example of a dog that looked, to many online, exactly like actress Laura Dern of Big Little Lies.

Back when Dern Dog was pulling in a ton of retweets, we reached out to Dr. Philip Muskin, professor of psychiatry at Columbia University Medical Center, who explained how the human brain's need to make quick assessments of our surroundings connects to something as silly as a dog with nice hair:


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