Here's How To Overcome The Stormy Seas And Servers Of 'Sea Of Thieves'

From Uproxx - March 21, 2018

The Sea of Thieves servers are still at half-mast and taking on water, with pirates-to-be waiting to join their friends for some healthy treasure hunting and plundering. For a while, it seemed like all gamers could do was wait for Rare to fix the servers, but pirates arent ones to rest on their pantaloons, so heres a way to fix some of the (many) issues plaguing Sea of Thieves at launch.

Cinnamonbeard and Bronzebeard

The official support page has this fix for the we were unable to connect you to the game issue. Please do the following:

This was working for some people back when the servers were only in choppy waters, not being dragged below by the Kraken. At this point, Rare is only letting a few users into the game at a time, so getting this code isnt always going to be fixed by the above process.

What seems to be happening is players who happening is that players who came into the launch relatively late are being locked out, or can only go at it solo. No queuing into a 4-player ship for them. But heres how to fix that.

If you have a friend who is enjoying the game, have them host a match and pull you into a 4-player game. If you were blocked before, it seems like the server gives precedence to anyone who already has their hooks in. This has worked for anyone getting the Cinnamonbeard, Greybeard, or Lavenderbeard error when solo.

Checking for Fake Coin


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