4 reasons Javascript is still a programming language you need to learn

4 reasons Javascript is still a programming language you need to learn
From Mashable - March 25, 2018

Javascript is not your ordinary programming language. For one thing, it's old AF within the world of codingcreated way back in 1995. For reference, that was the year Hillary Clinton was FirstLady, and the year that the "Macarena" went viral. But while the Macarena is now reserved for wedding playlists only, Java remainsone of the top 5 most popular programming languagesto learn, more than 20 years later.

If you are new to the world of coding, looking for a career change, or just curious as to what this whole programming thing is all about, this online course that's on sale for just $39 is a great investment. Here's why Javascript is still a great language to learn in 2018:

1. Java's where the money's at

According to Payscale, the average Java developer makes an average salary of more than $73k per year. And considering how brilliant you are, you will definitely surpass that.

2. The demand is there

There are tons of different roles for Java programmersSoftware Developer, Web Developer, Web Programmer, Application Developerand they are consistently in demand worldwide. From giant public companies to two-person startups in somebodys garage, everyone needs a Java programmer. But maybe you are wondering: Who actually uses Java? Oh, just sites likeNetflix, Amazon, and Googlebut we are sure you have never heard of those.

3. It's free

4. It's easy to learn and versatile


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