Rick Mercer set to wrap final season, completes last shoot at Holy Names high school

From CBC - March 26, 2018

As the CBC's Rick Mercer prepares to sign off for a final time, he fulfilled his promise to the students at Holy Names Catholic High School in Windsor, Ont., on Monday.

Thestudents were ready they chanted, they sang, they danced forMercer, who was at their school to help them celebrate their huge win in his 'Spread the Net' challenge.

The students have raised more than $2,500 which will buy about 250 mosquito nets. The nets will go to children in Africa to help prevent them from contracting malaria, alife-threatening disease spread by mosquitoes.

"In your lifetime, quite possiblywhen you graduate university or college, malaria will be eradicated from Africa," Mercer told the students and staff who packed into the school's gymnasium.

This is, in part, because of student initiatives like the one at Holy Names, said Mercer, who has been raising funds for the program for 11 years.

Students Angela Hormizand Gabriella Boticaorganized the event for their school.

"We decided to take on the challenge because we realized malaria affects so many people," said Botica. "It kills almost half a million people a year and is the leading cause of death for children under fivein Africa."

Hormizsaid she "freaked out" when she walked into where Mercer was waiting before he addressed their assembly.

"It sounds fun and stuff but when you actually puta face to the name it's really nerve-wrecking," she said.


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