Latest Trafalgar Square Fourth plinth artwork unveiled

Latest Trafalgar Square Fourth plinth artwork unveiled
From BBC - March 28, 2018

A recreation of a sculpture destroyed by the Islamic State group is the latest artwork to be unveiled on the Fourth plinth.

The Invisible Enemy Should Not Exist, by New York artist Michael Rakowitz, is a replica of Lamassu, which was destroyed in 2005.

London's Mayor Sadiq Khan unveiled the creation, which is made out of 10,500 tins of Iraqi date syrup.

It is the 12th sculpture to occupy the plinth, in Trafalgar Square.

The original Lamassu, a winged bull and protective god, stood at the entrance to the Nergal Gate of Nineveh from 700BC.

It was destroyed, along with other artefacts in the Mosul Museum, in 2015.

Mr Rakowitz, who has Iraqi ancestors, is attempting to recreate more than 7,000 antiques looted from the country.

He described his latest work as a "ghost of the original".


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