Cameron Diaz Says's She's 'Semi-Retired' But Would Act Again on One Condition

From TIME - March 30, 2018

When reports emerged that Cameron Diaz quit acting at age 45, the internet had a meltdown. Fans were upset, people posted long Twitter threads lamenting why, and a few did point out that Diaz hasnt starred in a movie since 2014s Annie. Those Diaz enthusiasts breathed a collective sigh of relief when the originator of the rumorSelma Blair, of all peoplebackpedaled her comment. But it turns out she was right the first time, and Diaz clarified it herself.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly alongside Blair and Christina Applegate, Diaz began talking about doing a sequel to The Sweetest Thing, and thats when she dropped the news.

Im totally down. Im semi-retired, too, and I am actually retired, so I would love to see you ladies, Diaz said.

She isnt the only one though. Applegate also addressed her absence from the spotlight.

Im literally doing nothing, too! Im semi-retired, I havent worked for years, Applegate said. Im a mom, thats what we do. So Im around, man.

Word of Diaz quitting first emerged from Blair in an interview.


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