Steven Ogg, The Walking Dead's Simon, heads home to Calgary

From CBC - April 10, 2018

StevenOgg, whogrew up in Calgary and played volleyball for the University of Calgary Dinos, is returning to the city to do an appearance at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.

Ogg, best known for his role as Simon on The Walking Dead, spoke to The Homestretchon Monday about his life as an actor.

The interview has been edited for content and clarity.

Q: Your character Simon has done some pretty terrible things to people this season. How do you go about playing such a terrible guy?

A:You do not want to go into it with this idea that he's completely evil, or he's a completely terrible person I do not know how you play that. I never set out to be a character that people have to necessarily love. If he was a pure evil incarnateand that was his role in the world, to reflect utter chaos, death, destruction andmayhem, then I do not know, maybe I would have played that from the get go, and not been concerned about the sense of humour, or having another side to him.

You never play anything wanting to be liked you want to serve the story. And the world [of the story].

Q: The Walking Dead has been a pretty global phenomenon. How did you enjoy the experience?

A:It's been amazing. It's beenfun. Youget an unbelievable amount of attention. It's wonderful to get that. It's certainly a different world from what I am used to. It's honestly crazy. I do not understand it. You just have to count your blessings, and go 'wow.'

Q: You have played some pretty erratic characters on shows like Westworld, or voicing the character of Trevor Phillips in Grand Theft Auto V or on Better Call Saul. But now I understand you are playing a role even your mother could like?

A:Mom's always like, 'why do not you play something that is nice? Why do you always play a bad guy?' And I am like, amom, have you seen my face? It's not exactly the charming lovable boy next door.' You got towork with what you have got.


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